Take a hard honest look at your customer outreach efforts. If it doesn't include a way to engage them via SMS/Text message then quite simply you will not effectively engage your customers. We can help.

Why it works

This is about customer outreach, engagement and generating sales right now. Advertising, direct mail, even your social media efforts can fall flat if you are not reaching those customer WHERE they are located: on their phones. The easiest, most efficient and inexpesive way to get your promotions in front of them is by directly engaging them with SMS/Text. Why? The reason is simple: the direct link to your customers is thru their smartphones. It's also the only marketing that gets nearly 100% read rates of your offers!

Don't believe us?

Okay, answer this: is your phone within reach right now? Bet it is! Or maybe you are even looking at this site from your smartphone right now (that one ususally gets most people)

So are you ready for this SHOCKER...

It's the same with your customers! If you want them deep into your marketing channels, then engage them WHERE they are mostly going to be at -- on their smartphones.

The concept: SMS/Text promos and reminders are the primer

Individual salon professionals, dry cleaners, dentists, veterinarians: your bookings will explode and easily convert walk-in's into regular customers. Even if you are just starting out with 10 clients, that's perfectly enough to start a viral process that can be spun up with just a couple of clicks.

Using our tools will jumpstart the non-existent social media footprint of your business or dramatically expand your current space by supplementing your existing marketing with SMS/Text message engagement and outreach.

Who can use this

Salon Professionals

Run an entire business from your chair

Reyling 100% on the salon & their ad budget to bring in customers is simply crazy. The only sure way to blow up your bookings is to increase your personal marketing channels.

The fastest way to reach that audience is by direct engagement thru sms/text, using appointment reminders, promo's and links to your other social media ecosystems like facebook.

Dry Cleaner Operators

Pick up remiders are powerful

You've built a significant customer database. Use it to its fullest by directly engaging those customers where they are -- their smartphones.

By running concurrent SMS promo's with your normal advertising, you will be significantly supplementing those expensive ad campaigns by utilizing your most prized assets: existing customers. It's simply smart business.

Are you still just providing a paper ticket at drop off? Instead you can send them a quick little text message to remind them about pickup. You will not only be conditioning customers to recieve additional txt promo's but they will appreciate the reminder! Besides that paper ticket is quickly lost.

Any Office

Scheduled appointments

Have you calculated your monthly costs with no-show's and last-minute cancellations? You'll be SHOCKED at the revenue leaks.

Maybe have a quick check of just how expensive it is to manually call clients to remind them of their appointments. It's alarming once you see it.

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From our current customers

  • ...the patients prefer it

    It's not just for marketing. Here one of our wonderful users tells us why their customers prefer being engaged with SMS/Text reminders and how it has helped their productivity in their office.

    Kara, Receptionist at Dr. Bergman's Office

Run the numbers

  • Use your own numbers and do the math. We simply skyrocket your read rates for each of your campaigns, dramatically improving typical outcomes.

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