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Sending SPAM is a serious offense and we will not tolerate it.

As a condition of use, all subsribers of the MovilExchange.com website are required to read this legal information statement and acts as binding agreement that any user will follow all SPAM laws and MovilExchange.com will not be held liable for any illegal activity.

MovilExchange.com takes seriously the sending of SPAM and any such activity by any member or user will not be tolerated. Sending of unsolicited commercial information is a serious offense and you can be fined up to $1500 per message by Federal, State or local authorities.

You agree to never send unsolicited SMS/Text messages through MovilExchange.com and you have retrievable agreements from all recipients you send information to that they have agreed to recieve such information from you. You fully agree that you bear the burden of providing a positive record of consent if requested by any requestor and that you understand MovilExchange.com does not take part in how you acquired recipient information that is wholly owned by you or how you intend to use that information.

You agree to use MovilExchange.com appropriately, in conjunction with Federal, State or Local laws pertaining to SPAM protection and SMS marketing. We do not provide any source information or maintain recipient data. All data submitted to MovilExchange.com for delivery of your SMS messages to recipients is your responsibility and MovilExchange.com does not take responsibility for any information originating from or passed through the MovilExchange.com website. Any misuse on your part or failure to comply with any spam laws is not the responsibility of MovilExchange.com.

It is your responsibility to know and understand spam laws on any level and you should seek legal counsel for sending any messaging through the MovilExchange.com website.

We do not provide or offer legal protection for any activity related to the sending of commercial or personal information through the MovilExchange.com website and MovilExchange.com will not be held responsible for any misconduct, improper use or illegal activity you may have conducted.

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As a courtesy we recommend you start your search for information regarding spam laws here http://www.fcc.gov/guides/spam-unwanted-text-messages-and-email

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